APG – Air Promotion Group

APG – Air Promotion Group is worlds leading service provider and works with +200 airlines globally. Since 2009, Airtouch has been a proud member of APG Global Associates and represents the product portfolio as APG Finland

We serve clients and agent community locally. Our key clients are airlines, agent community and travel industry in large. 

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With more than 20 years in airline distribution market, leading worldwide network experts in airline distribution, APG shares its experience and knowledge with all people and companies involved, entering or wanting to update their competence on latest practices in the industry. Combining information, data and knowledge from its passionate people in the field and from the airline industry’s experts. 

APG has build a unique database of courses to address the training needs of people around the world, including the the education and learning focused schools, universities and HR departments. The APG Academy is a complementary service to other dedicated training toolsor IATA courses. APG Academy provides excellent online courses about distribution topics e.g. NDC, Interline  and SPA agreements, Airport slots, Airline codes, Traffic rights, BSP, Money flows and IET solution by APG. 

Are you a manager, executive or HR person with focus on competence and learning in the air transport industry, or simply curious about knowing the processes underlying this industry? Please contact us and see more on APG Academy website.

APG IET service gives you as a travel agent the facility to issue a wide range of airlines and flight combinations than would otherwise be available via your GDS. 

Our dedicated website gives you a good overview of companies that allows and request you to issue and report tickets on GP-275 stock. Many airlines are not present on your local BSP and APG IET allowes you to issue flight combinations with several airlines and especially where no bilateral interline agreements exists.

Please contact us for more information or learn more on APG IET website.

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