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Airtouch Oy handles personal information as described in the registration notice.

Privacy: Privacy Policy under Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

Date of drafting: 17.05.2018

Registrar: Airtouch OyBusiness ID: 1912298-0Address: Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki
Contact: Pekka Mä
Registry name: Airtouch Oy’s Marketing Register

Purpose of processing personal data, use of the register:
Personal data are handled for customer relationships´ management, development, and marketing. To provide, deliver and develop business services and products, and to design and develop business. Personal data can also be processed to create profiles for registered users to improve customer relationships and to direct individual marketing and advertising to a registered person. The company has outsourced the collection of invoices.Credit card payments on the company’s website are handled through an outside service provider. The Stopover website addresses the products of different service providers, where service providers are responsible for compliance with the Personal Protection Act.

Information contained in the register:

The register covers the following categories of information:

Basic personal data;
·       First and last name
·       The company or other organization to which the person belongs and its information
·       Contacts (including address, email address, phone numbers)
·       Date of birth

Billing and recovery information;
·       Identification and usage information (including usernames, passwords, certificate and   signature information)
·       Event and analysis data
·       Permission information (e.g. direct marketing bans, contact bans)
·       Information about customer relationship management and / or marketing (as interests and best contact times)

Regular sources of information:
Personal data is collected as a rule by a registered person or by another organization whose agent or contact person is registered. Personal data may also be collected and updated on other registers, population registers, business registers and other similar registers of companies or companies that are part of or together with the same company or company.


The company may disclose personal information within the limits of the permissible and binding legal requirements. The company does not disclose personal information for direct marketing purposes.  As a result of the technical implementation of personal data processing, some of the information may physically be located on the outsourcing server’s servers for which they are handled through a technical connection. Unauthorized documents are properly disposed of.  At the end of the processing, the paper prints will be kept within the time frame of the archiving plan. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service.

Registry protection:
The registry only has access to those who are in the service of the registrar and other people who are in need of information in their duties. They have usernames and passwords. Files are protected with appropriate firewalls.

Inspection and prohibition right:
In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to inspect what information concerning him has been deposited in the personal register. The request for verification must be sent in writing and signed to: or Airtouch Oy, Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Storage, filing, and destruction of registry information:
Customer information will be destroyed upon request of the customer. Customer information is stored for six (6) years after the end of the customer relationship.

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