We can represent your company:

  • Down town location, modern high-quality office premises with security and access to meeting facilities
  • Modern means of communication and latest technology including dedicated phone lines, if so desired.
  • Support your positioning by defining the right priorities and USP´s and optimal revenue
  • Monitor and recommend best partners, distribution channels, pricing and related agreements

  • Advice on local media work, crisis communication and management

Sales & Marketing

Subject to agreement we can provide the following sales and marketing activities:

  • Planning and execution of local and regional brand awareness and positioning
  • Contract negotiations with best tour operators, travel agents and other stakeholders 
  • OTA and Web-sales optimization for best distribution mix
  • Secure best revenue, yield protection and optimal market share through segmentation 
  • Competitor analysis and market research to secure competitive approach 
  • Direct marketing and education of sales channels to improve the awareness of your services and product
  • Promotion through specialized TMCs and company implants
  • Participation at trade and consumer events, roadshows and dedicated workshops
  • Organization of promotions with third parties – DMC’s, Tourist Boards and other stakeholders
  • Familiarization and Educational trips – planning and executing

Public Relations and Advertising

To increase the awareness and network value we work with:

  • Coordination and arrangements for Media and opinion leaders
  • Managing meetings, events, PR itineraries and promotions
  • Distribution of latest news and media monitoring
  • Maintain a frequent contact with media, other influential person and organisations 
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