Ticketing Flexibility due to Coronavirus outbreak

Ticketing, Pricing and Revenue Management Message
Flexibility for Covid-19 Update 6

Dear all,

Please find attached TPRM 514 updated with:

  • New travel date for promo until 10th of May, 2020
  • Extension of miles offer for rebooking period 28APR-03MAY2020
  • Updated policy for cancelled/rescheduled (UN, UN/TK) itineraries
1. Cancelled/rescheduled (UN, UN/TK)

When a passenger requests to change the booking and:

  • the new travel will be the same date with original cancelled/rescheduled flight, then the reissue will follow the involuntary policy as per ARM section 6 (no fare, tax difference, no fees/penalties, involuntary reissue).
    Example: SKG-HER non stop flight 01JUN is cancelled. Passenger requests to travel the same date via ATH (SKG-ATH-HER), ticket will be reissued involuntary.
    All other cases of UN, UN/TK for rebooking, will follow the voluntary reissue as per attached policy.
2. Promo with sales date until 10th of May, 2020 and new travel date on/after 01st of August, 2020 and on/before the 27th of March, 2021


3. Extension in miles offer

For M+B frequent flyers, that will reissue tickets with new promo, Award miles will be added in their Frequent Flyer M+B card
Is valid for tickets issued up to 09th of April, 2020 and reissued between 28th of April, 2020 – 03rd of May, 2020.
Tickets that are already reissued between 31st of March, 2020 – 09th of April, 2020 are out of scope
– 3000 Award Miles for Gold
– 2000 Award Miles for Silver
– 2000 Award Miles for Blue

The offer will be provisioned based on the Tier on the reissued date
Note: the offer will be provisioned manually to the customer within up to 15 days after the reissue
ATC functionality (ATC Dynamic Waiver) for automated reissues with waiver of rebooking fees and/or fare difference


Extension promo details

E-tickets and EMD-A that are eligible for this promo:

  • Original issuance date on/before the 09th of April, 2020
  • For any fare
  • Original travel date (at least one coupon/flight segment) on/after 01st of April 2020 and on/before 31st of July, 2020
  • 390/050 ONLY
  • Published/special/private fares (except of ID, ZED tickets). 
  • Out of scope award and bonus tickets (Miles and Bonus, Star Alliance, Bank loyalty programs with points, Upgrade, etc.) and Interline fares. Such tickets will follow the normal voluntary rules
  • For all A3 and OA network (included A3*/OA operating)
  • Original itinerary can be either with A3, OA prime flights or with A3 and OA marketing operated by any OAL.
  • For new itinerary: A3 marketing/OAL operating (i.e A3* /LH operating ATH-FRA), are not eligible for promo. If new booking will include A3* or OA*/OAL operating, reissue should be voluntary with collection of any additional fare/taxes and fees.
  • Individual bookings only
  • Sales period for the rebooking on/after 16th of April, 2020 and on/before 10th of May, 2020
  • New travel date can be on/after the 1st of August, 2020 and on/before 27th of March, 2021

Promo for individual tickets:
  • Rebooking fee is waived
  • Fare and tax difference waived
  • Service fee for ticket reissue is collected for all cases that reissue can be processed online
  • Service fee for ticket reissue is waived for cases that online reissue not possible
  • No show fee is collected for flights on/after the 1st of April, 2020

  •  Totally unused tickets: Any
  •  Partial used tickets: Any within the 1 year validity (of the first flown segment)

  • of Origin and/or destination is not allowed
  • for intermediate point change permitted free of charge (no fare/tax, no rebooking fee, no service fee for ticket reissue)
  • permitted for cases where rebooking is not possible, as flights are not being published in the system for 2020 only
  • is not permitted, for cases where rebooking is not possible as flights are not being published in the system and passenger requests new travel date for 2021. In such cases rerouting is permitted only as per fare rules, with any additional collection.

Tickets should be voluntary reissued for 1A users with ATC  (Dynamic Waiver both for direct sales and 1A GDS).
For cases that ATC DW cannot proceed as per promo rules and/or results are incorrect, 1A users can proceed with involuntary reissue for planned schedule change (FXI/SC)

No flexibility for the refund.
If passenger requests to cancel ticket, fare rules should be followed.
EMD for ancillaries follow the same policy.
For rerouting of intermediate point, EMD-A should be involuntary reissued (FXI/EMD for 1A users)
For refund as per rules (rebooking permitted. Fare difference, if any, waived)

ATC functionality (ATC DW) both for direct sales and 1A GDS
ATC DW (Dynamic Waiver) can be used with the entry as for voluntary reissues (FXQ) for totally unused and partial used and for all fares/tickets
DW works even if there is no CAT31 (voluntary change note) filed.
For all automated reissues with DW, the endorsement will be updated automatically as below:

Tickets issued up to 09Mar20
A3 offices: 500COVID31
1A travel agents: 500COVIDTA

Tickets issued 10Mar20-30Apr20
A3 offices: 508COVID31
1A travel agents: 508COVIDTA

New promo (02-08APR20)
A3 offices: REPROMAY20
1A travel agents: REPROMAY20TA

New promo (10-16APR20)
A3 offices: PROJUN20
1A travel agents: PROJUN20TA

New promo (16-10MAY20)
A3 offices: PROJUL20
1A travel agents: PROJUL20TA

For involuntary reissues as planned schedule change (when DW cannot proceed and for non 1A GDSs)
Both for tickets and EMD-A (for rerouting on intermediate point where EMD-A should be reissued)

For non 1A travel agents, as there is no such functionality in place, agents will have to proceed with involuntary reissue and waive manually the rebooking fee.
Also in case of no show for flights after the 31st of March, 2020:
Travel agents will have to add the DV code for No Show collection
A3 agents will have to issue the EMD-S for NOSH

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